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For many natural and synthetic composite materials, enhancing or reinforcing the linear and nonlinear viscoelastic properties of polymer (elastomer) materials is accomplished by inclusion filler particles (e.g. carbon black, silica).1–4 Mechanical properties of elastomer systems can be substantially increased, e.g., more than a 10–fold increase in shear modulus, by addition of fillers to the polymer matrix. Notably, this strengthening, or reinforcement, depends in a nontrivial manner on the distribution and size of fillers within the elastomer matrix.5–7 Interfacial interactions between individual particles in aggregates, between the aggregates in agglomerates, and between particles and the polymer can modulate particle dispersion and influence the molecular motion of polymer chains in the material. Moreover, in nanocomposites containing nanoparticle fillers with large surface area, the particle dispersion is a critical element for tuning

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