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Each Cantor set C in S3 has for complement an open 3-manifold M3 with end set C. Properties of the embedding of the Cantor set give rise to properties of the corresponding complementary 3-manifold M3. See [Souto and Stover 2013], [Garity and Repovš 2013], and [Garity et al. 2014] for examples of this. We investigate possible group actions on the end set C of the open 3-manifold M3 in the following sense: the homogeneity group of the end set is the group of homeomorphisms of the end set C that extend to homeomorphisms of the open 3-manifold M3. Referring specifically to the embedding of the Cantor set, this group can also be called the embedding homogeneity group of the Cantor set. See [Dijkstra 2010] and [van Mill 2011] for some other types of homogeneity.

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