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Pharmacokinetics (PK) is the study of the transit of drug into, within and removal from the body to reveal how the body acts on a drug when it is taken. There are four major areas in PK: absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination. Absorption is the process of drug movement from the site of drug administration to blood circulation. The barriers in this action vary due to the unique properties that exist in skin, buccal cavity, stomach or intestine. After getting into blood, the drug will be transported via the blood to various areas of the body like adipose tissue, muscle tissue, bone or brain. This process is called distribution. The chemical properties of drugs are important in this process. For example, if the drugs are lipophilic and in unionized form, they will be likely distributed mainly to lipid tissue. The third area of PK is metabolism. The body produces many enzymes that help break down and transform

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